This section was created to provide a way for your customers to submit questions and report issues with their systems. It is the Partner responsibility to keep a close watch over those requests, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.

When a customer submits a request, your partner account will be notified via email and a ticket will be shown on the Helpdesk section.

List Mode

This is you’ll encounter when entering the Helpdesk section. It contains the list of the tickets submitted in systems under your partner account. By default systems are sorted by time their were last updated, from the most recent to the oldest ticket available.

Most properties shown on the list are self-explanatory, but you can find a reference bellow:

ID - Unique code assigned to the ticket.
Entity - Entity who owns the system where the ticket was submitted from.
System - The system where the ticket was submitted from.
Subject - Shows the ticket subject, as submitted by the client.
Created at - When the Ticket was first created.
Last Update - The time when the Ticket received the last update. This includes comments created by customer, the partner or status changes.
State - Shows the current status for the Ticket, at this point there are only two possible states:

  • Ticket Open - The reported issue is still underway
  • Ticket Closed - The issue is considered to be resolved. Closed Tickets can be reopened at any point by the customer or the partner.

View Mode

In View Mode you will be able to see complete Ticket details, along with all comments submitted from both the customer and your partner account. At the bottom edge of the screen, you will encounter the available options to submit changes to the current Ticket.

They vary according the current ticket state, but can include:

Updating a Ticket’s State

Tickets can be either in the Open or Closed state. In both states it is possible to submit new messages to be sent to the client. Those can include instructions on how to overcome a problem the client reported, or simply the confirmation that the ticket was resolved.

A Ticket update always includes two simple steps:

1. Fill the Comment box
Right after the Ticket details, you will find an input field. Insert your message to the client there and proceed to the following step.

2. Submit the Ticket state
Here there is a slight nuance you need to care about. If the ticket currently has the Open state, you will have tow available options at the bottom edge of the screen:

  • Update - This will submit your comment to the client, keeping the ticket state unchanged
  • Close Ticket - This will submit your comment, while at the same time marking the ticket as Closed
Note! You should only mark the ticket as closed when it is reasonable to assume the problem reported was in fact mitigated. In cases where confirmation from the client is needed, or further discussion is required, submit the comment using the Update option.