Partners Overview

The first step for getting the most out the application is getting to known it’s interface, how it is organised and what features are available to you.

The main navigation includes the following sections:

1. Dashboard
2. Entities
3. Systems
4. Gateways
5. Finance
6. Helpdesk
7. Settings

Note! Please note the partner platform is only available to certified partners.

Across the top of the screen you will find the application main sections as pictured in the following image:

  • The navigation uses a tabs metaphor for signalling the currently active section, the Dashboard section in the example above.

View and Edit Modes

Many screens within the Partners application allow you to insert configuration data. In those situations the you’ll typically have two modes, the default just for viewing details and the editing mode, which allows you to change that information. Editable screens have a (edit) button at the top of the screen.

Once in editing mode, you’ll find a button to save the changes in each section.

Note! By default everything opens in View mode.