In the Systems sections you will find every system managed by your Partner account.

Systems List Mode

Entity - Entity identification
System Name - System identification
Status - Current Status for the system, which can be one of the following:

  • T - System in Trial mode
  • A - System Active
  • I - System Inactive
    Remaining Time - How much time does the system have remaining until renewal
    Available Devices - How many devices can this system have installed in the current subscription
    Used Devices - Actual number of devices currently active
    Partner Renews - Defines who is responsible for the system renewals. If the value shows “Yes”, your Partner account is responsible for that system’s renewals

Systems View Mode

When viewing/editing a system, you will find the information organized by the following tabs:


Information about system identification, timezone and responsibility for system renewals.

Billing Details

Independently from whose responsible for the System renewal, the billing details refers to the Entity Account, that is, those details are from the Entity even when the Partners is responsible for renewals.


In this tab you will find information about currently associated gateways, but also the option to Register new Gateways.


Shows the System’s range of history data.


Within the Status tab you will find technical information about the System current condition, along with a set of administrative operations.

Note! Please note that most options under Operations section will reset system's configuration to it's original definitions, possibly reverting customizations applied by your staff and/or the client at application level.

Status Operations reference:

Load System Zones - Loads the zones declared in the project original definition into the System Application
Gateways - Select which Gateways should be subjected to the following possible actions
Activate Inactive Devices - All currently inactive devices will be activated while respecting the project’s XML definitions for those devices (Name, Main Zone and Measurement Ranges)
Reset Active Devices - This option will reset the following properties for currently active devices to their project XML definitions:
Devices Main Zone - Resets the active devices Main Zone
Devices Name - Resets the active devices Name
Devices Measurement Range - Resets the active devices Measurement Ranges (min, nominal, max)


This is where you can activate the helpdesk feature for this specific system.