Users Management

In this section you can manage the users who should be able to login to your partner account, and define their permissions within the application. You will be able to select which sections each user is allowed to see and submit changes.

Adding a new User

Step 1

From the Users List view, press the option Add User to initiate the process and follow the onscreen details.

Step 2

Insert all the user information and click “SAVE”.

Step 3

After adding and submitting the user identification details, you will need to configure the user permissions.

Note! Be sure to only assign the adequate permissions for each user as many actions within the Partners Application are irreversible and impact directly your clients systems.

Manage User Permissions

To change a specific user permissions open the user profile, and select the “Permissions tab”. Enable the “Edit View” by pressing the button at the top and change permissions by clicking on the available operations, as shown bellow: