WebTool Guide

The WebTool is an online tool that enables the user to manage Systems, Gateways and devices used in the Cloud Application.

It has features, such as the console, that helps the user to remotely check the behavior of the Gateway and debug. Another feature that will be of great benefit to users, is the project version manager, that allows reuse of previously deployed projects.

This guide is intended to make the user autonomous in commissioning his own projects.

1. Gateways

1.1. Add a new Gateway
1.2. Edit Gateway Details

2. Devices

2.1. Add Field Devices
2.2. Add Application Bindings
2.3. Delete Field Devices
2.4. Delete Application Bindings

3. Deploy

3.1. How to Deploy

4. Import Projects

4.1. Import

5. Console

5.1. Console Basics