Application Binding Templates

The Application Binding Templates are the conection between the Field Devices and the Application, with or without data processing. One Application Binding Template is directly connected to a Field Device , but for each Field Device there can be created several Application Binding Templates, with different Application Objects or different data processing.

How to create a new Application Binding Template?

Step 1

Login and click the button to open the Library.

Step 2

The overview window will open and to add a new Field Device we have to click on the “+” button.

Step 3

Select the Field Device to bind and click “NEXT”.

Step 4

Add the identification information for this Binding Template and click “NEXT”.

Step 5

Select the list of Datapoints to bind and click “NEXT”.

Step 6

Click on the “+” button to add the Application Object.

An Application Objects tree will appear where the user can choose which application object applies to the selected Datapoints.

Step 7

Configure all the necessary Application Objects.

In this step the user must configure all the parameters for the Application Object.

Repeat this step for each datapoint.

Step 8

Review the information and finish the operation.