Customized Field Device Template (Modbus)

When we are creating a customized template, the list of datapoints can be variable and adjusted to the user’s needs.

Example: Creating a template for a PLC.

How to create a new customized Modbus Field Device?

Step 1

Login and click the button to open the Library.

Step 2

The overview window will open and to add a new Field Device we have to click on the “+” button.

There is the possibility to immediately choose the type of Field Device to add, just click on the “+” of the respective type and proceed.

Step 3

Select the connection type.

Step 4


Step 5

Add the identity information of the equipment and click “NEXT”.

Step 6

Here the user has to choose the option “Create from scratch”

Step 7

Configure the default parameters and click “NEXT”.

Step 8

Now the datapoints must be added and configured. The user can add, delete or duplicate the registers and also change the Advanced Options.

To add a new datapoint just click on the “+”.


  • Advanced Options.

  • Delete.

  • Duplicate.

Advanced Options:

Here is possible to limit configure the rows.

Here is possible to define the byte order of this equipment.

Step 9

Review the summary and finish the process.