Add a Report

Follow the section bellow to learn to add a report step by step.

Adding a Report

To add a report, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the Control Center then open the context menu at the right corner of the screen.

Step 2

The first screen will ask you to set a Report Name, Type and to which zones will it be associated to.

Once the Report is created, the user must add the lines.

Step 3

On “SERIES”, click “ADD NEW LINE”.

Step 4

Add the line parameters:

  • Line Label - Name that will be displayed in the control center.
  • Line Color - To choose the line color.
  • Line Type - To choose the line type (Options Bellow):
    • Line.
    • Area.
    • Column.
    • Scatter.
  • Data Type - To choose the data type (Options Bellow):
    • Measurement.
    • Minimum.
    • Maximum.
    • Cost.
    • Static.
    • Manual Device.
    • Event.
  • Unit - To choose the unit of the devices to select.
  • Devices - To choose one or multiple devices.

Step 5

Make sure all the parameters are set and click “Save”.

Step 6

As soon as the creation of the report is complete, the user can start to browse and analyze the data.

The report can now be added to the dashboard as a widget.