Systems Section

Systems correspond directly to your physical installations where the equipments are located. Here you will be able to manage each System details and set User access permissions.

Edit System Details

To edit a System open the Systems Section and choose the System from the list.

Once in the details page, activate the editing mode by pressing the Edit button.

Granting Users Access

To enable a User to access this system, simply check the correspondent option at the end of the row.

System Status

Shows some information about the selected system and if the system is not activated it has a link for activation.

Billing Details

Once in the System Billing Details page, activate the editing mode and pick a different Billing Address if needed.

Payments History

The Payments History tab shows you every payment ever made and it’s most relevant details. From here you can open a payment page to see it’s complete information.

In the Payment Details page, you’ll find:

  • Payment identification, Status and Bank Transfer Reference (if applicable).
  • Billing Details.
  • Systems Renewed, including VAT costs information.
  • Logs for every update step in the renew process.

Renew Systems

Here you’ll find the subscription status and expiration date for every system associated to your Entity account.

Renew an expiring System

Step 1

To renew a System open the Billing Section

Step 2

Press the “Renew” button at the top.

Step 3

You will be asked for which system to renew in following process, which is detailed in the System Renewal Process. You can also select the subscription time.


The Corporate System All is a “virtual” system available for Entities with more than one system. It essentially allows the users to have a combined view for all systems, meaning that it will be possible to combine in a single Dashboard data from multiple systems, or navigate every system’s objects in the Control Center.

Another key aspect is the ability to create combined reports, collecting data from every system, enabling you to create global analyses and/or comparisons between your entity systems.