In this section you will be able to subscribe and extended you application functionality by installing Apps.

Installed Apps

Shows you the apps currently installed in your application. These are organised by billing address and from each app you will be able to open it’s details for plafond replenishment.

Available Apps

In this tab you will find the available Apps yet to be enabled. To know more about the app details, prices and/or remaining credits plafond, click the app name or the button at the app row’s end.

App Details

When entering the App details, you will be able to review the following information:


The app details includes information about the app functionality, cost per credit, available plafond e expiration dates, if applicable.

Billing Details

Define which billing address will be associated to the app subscription. Every purchase made for this app’s renewals will result in an invoice being emitted for this billing address.

Systems Credits Limit

If your Entity has more than one system, you may need to declared how can those systems consume your app subscription plafond. For that purpose you have two options:

Limit Credits consumption by Percentage:
With this method, the maximum credits amount your systems can consume will be defined by a percentage of their devices total. Considering a situation where you define a rate value of 10%, a system with 100 devices will be able to send up to 10 credits for each period. The period is also configurable, ranging from Daily to Annual.

Limit Credits consumption by Fixed Amount:
With this method you will define a fixed value, shared for every system in your entity’s account, independently from the amount of devices each system has. Again you can set a period from Daily to Annual.

Payments History

In this tab you’ll find information about every purchase ever made related with the app.


Some Apps can or are dedicated to emit notifications messages. For those apps the Notifications tab will show you every notification emitted, effectively allowing you to see how was the app plafond consumed over time.

Consumption Report

Within this tab you will find a month to month consumption report. By clicking in a month you will be able to review each system’s consumption.

Buy/Refill App Subscription

To buy or refill an app subscription, open the app details and from there choose the “Purchase” option, available a the top. From there the system will assist you, requiring you to review the purchase details, including Credits amount and payment method.