Users Section

Every user who was granted application access must have a dedicated account. This section allows you to manage those accounts and their system access permissions.

Edit an User Account

To edit an User Account open the Users Section and choose the user from the list. Once in the details page, activate the editing mode by pressing or the Edit button at the bottom.

You can only edit User Accounts for users with a lower access level than your own. The access level is determined by the Group property.

The User account page contains two sections:

User Details

This is where you’ll find contacts and login information associated to the user.

Systems Access

In this section every system will be listed, allowing you to select which ones should the user have access to.

To grant access to a listed system, simply check the correspondent option at the end of the each row.

About the system “Corporate System All”:
This a special system which aggregates information from every other system in your Entity account. For more information see the Systems Section.

Adding a new User

To add a new User open the Users Section and press the button “Add User” at the top. In the following page, fill the necessary fields and confirm the new User with the “Add” button at the bottom.

You can only assign to the new user a Group level lower than your own.

Permission Levels

Super User and Administrator - These profiles can only be defined for system administrators, these users have access to all platform features, including payments and also adding and removing users.
User - This type of user can view and create dashboards.
Viewer - This type of user can only view specific systems and control the devices.