Notification Types

Staying informed about key events at your system is crucial in many scenarios. Notifications allows you to be relaxed about your system’s status, knowing that if anything abnormal happens you will be notified accordingly.

Notifications can happen in multiple forms, depending on the importance of the detected event. The main types you will find in the application are:

Dashboard Notifications

This is the most common form of notification. While the name may imply that Dashboard Notifications will only be available in the Dashboard section, that isn’t actually the case.

Dashboard notifications are by default presented in the Notifications section and, optionally, in your Dashboards using the dedicated Widget.

Email Notifications

In some occasions you might want to be contacted directly via email for specific events. Email Notifications have no presentation interface in the application, they will only exist in the form of an email message sent to the email address specified on your account configuration.

SMS Notifications

There are scenarios where you simply can’t rely on when an email notification will actually reach your inbox and need a more immediate form of notification. SMS Notifications, along with Voice Notifications, allow just that. For SMS notifications, this means the application will directly contact you and/or responsible colleagues, informing about the relevant events occurring.

Voice Notifications

Finally, the most pervasive form of notification is a pre-recorded voice notification message. Once the configured criteria for the notification is met, the system will immediately try to reach you via phone call. In most cases it will continue trying to reach you until the call goes to voice-mail, or you decline the call. This however varies depending on your phone service provider.

Subscribing Notification Services

Depending on your service tier, the notification formats described above may require the subscription of service add-ons, referred as Apps within the application. Apps subscriptions are processed in the Entity.